Traditional outbound advertising has a tough time in the modern market. Your customers are tired of seeing the same old messages, they use ad blockers to shut you out, and they want engagement instead of promotion.

Translation? You need inbound marketing, and for that you need content marketing! Talk to me about your needs or choose one of my services below.


Blog posts

Over 45% of the world’s population uses the Internet. Out of those users, 77% read at least one blog post daily. Your business needs a blog and you must publish more often .

In 2015, business owners who blogged regularly reported a 350% increase in site traffic. That’s over three times as many potential conversions. Talk to me if you’re too​ busy to write as often as you need to.






“How to” documents are powerful tools to educate, guide and keep your customers. Combined with the right tools they can yield amazing results.

Whether you’re creating a free giveaway or building an educational resource for your customers, talk to me and get the clear, concise content you need.




Landing pages are extremely powerful content marketing tools. You can use them as a back door to your website, you can link them to your offer or checkout pages, or you can leverage them as sign-up forms. Landing pages bring visitors on board as customers. Hire me to write effective landing page copy or to discuss the right strategy for your project.





In 2016 , the average ROI was $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing. That’s a 3,800% return on investment on average. Imagine what your returns will be like when you put an expert writer in the mix!

Email marketing is a core part of content marketing. Hire me to write promotional messages, autoresponder series and newsletters for your subscribers.




 What use are powerful weapons if you don’t know how to use them? Creating content is essential but you might as well throw your investment away unless you have a strategy.

To be successful in content marketing, you need to know where, when, and how to use your contents. Talk to me today to start planning wider reach, better engagement, and improved authority for your business.

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